Tire Marks On The Side of a Car

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Tire Marks On The Side of a Car

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Hi there,

There's an accident between a truck and a car where the primary point of impact was between the truck's right front tire and the driver's side of the car (sideswipe collision). The impact left what looks to be tire marks on the side of the car.

Is it possible to estimate the angle that the tires were at the point of impact based on the tire marks that it left? Or at least make a determination of whether the tires were parallel to the car or that it had to be at some angle?

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Re: Tire Marks On The Side of a Car

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YES! you can use the tool of tire marks in PC-crash
many years experience in reading EDR data with Bosch CDR in europe, europe is quite difficult regarding EDR data, but time is changing in europe so let get in contact and share experience

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