Drone or UA

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Drone or UA

Post by tony_bar »

Looking to start using a drone for recon. Does anyone have a system in place now and or any recommendations for drone and software? Thanks -Tony

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Re: Drone or UA

Post by jtbalt »

The Lake County, Illinois Major Crash Assistance Team has been using a drone for scene mapping for several years now. Their consultants have been instrumental in the development of this program and instruct the topic and Northwestern Center for Public Safety. Reach out to Stan Taylor or Iain Lopata at their website. https://www.aerial-metrics.com/

Good luck!

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Re: Drone or UA

Post by TroyTK »

We have now been using the Pix4d software for over a year and I find it both easy to use and very powerful. It can create a single orthomosaic photo and a point cloud from the overhead photos. I definitely recommend the software.

We previously were using a DJI Phantom 4 but we recently switched to DJI Mavic 2 Pros for the UAS.


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