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I was in an automobile accident while traveling on a six lane interstate at 65mph. A car was approaching me at a high rate of speed from behind and to my right. As he approached my vehicle he initially veered right and away from me and then moments later swerved into my lane and side swiped the passenger side of my vehicle. After impacting my vehicle he ended up doing multiple 360 degree spins in the middle of the interstate. I'm not sure if he was spinning in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. I absorbed the impact at near the center of my vehicle so I don't think I even swerved out of my lane on impact; although, I was pushed slightly to the left. The other driver says that I swerved into his lane and hit him. I think the most compelling evidence that he hit my vehicle is the 6 inch puncture that was caused by the impact because the front of the puncture is pushed forward while the back of the puncture is flattened. How can I begin to prove my case with some hard physics data?
Photo is upside down; Inch 1 is back of car and inch 6 is front of car.
Photo is upside down; Inch 1 is back of car and inch 6 is front of car.
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Re: Side-swiped

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more info needed...both make/model/years of vehicle, damage pics to other vehicle
Interesting damage pattern...the one semi circle looks like a wheel mark...and then the punch hole..what type of car...or was it a motorcycle? (punch hole from foot rest?) damage pics of other vehicle (from contact with yours? since if subsequent contacts only need left side of the vehicle) has anyone read the CDR from either vehicle (if avaialble) and what does it say? (of course make/model/year will define what might be available)
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