Direct to ACM - Just curious?

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Direct to ACM - Just curious?

Post by tech4cars »

Hi all:

In my multiple years of doing auto electronics forensics and retrieving data, the vast majority of the time I end up doing DLC downloads as opposed to ACM. Just curious, and would be interested to hear what % (roughly) of your data extraction is from the ACM, vs. the DLC. For me, I estimate my experience is < 5% ACM.

Your thoughts?

Myles Kitchen

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Re: Direct to ACM - Just curious?

Post by KentBoots »

Less than 1% direct to module for me in the last 10 years, and the one time I had to go direct to ACM was because the fuse panels and wiring had been removed from the vehicle.
Kent E. Boots
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Re: Direct to ACM - Just curious?

Post by TroyTK »

The bulk of the work I do is for my law enforcement agency related work, typically fatal crashes. We regularly get cars with massive damage that means we have to go to direct to the ACM. I would say somewhere around a quarter (probably a bit higher than that) of my imaging is direct to ACM.

Troy Kranz

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