ARC-CSI Conference Review

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ARC-CSI Conference Review

Post by Lenny » Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:53 am

Although “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” I’m going to break the protocol to provide a brief review of the ACR-CSI 2012 Conference, June 4 -7, 2012.

Monday was crash day with seven fully instrumented vehicles and Hybrid III crash dummies collecting data. There were vehicles crashes into the side of an ambulance, three car crashed and a roll over involving a Jeep and a Fiat just to mention a few. The ambulance collision had two Hybrid III crash dummies in the rear medical compartment with one Hybrid III lying on a gurney and a “paramedic” HYBRID III treating the HYBRID III on the gurney. With 30 channels of data per Hybrid III, numerous interior and exterior cameras (real speed and slow motion) and scores of still digital photographs, the entire event was thoroughly captured.

Additionally, a three car test crash with CDR data was captured and imaged from all vehicles. Excellent video and very interesting data was preserved. Of course there were other new car crashes with CDR data, photos and videos.

Finally, the most spectacular crash was when a Jeep struck the front of a Fiat X-19 sports car. In case you are not familiar with this Fiat’s front design, it looks like a wedge shaped door stop. As expected the Jeep with the higher center of mass ramped up the Fiat’s driver side. What a spectacular Jeep roll that was fully captured with all the bits and bytes screaming, “What’s going on!” Great data, outstanding video and very interesting CDR imagining information.

Of course Las Vegas is known for its high temperatures during June and on crash day the temperature climbed to 99 degrees F. This year there was a air conditioned covered tent! Hot dogs, hamburgers, and cold beverages were all provided. During the “in between” times of the crashes, lectures and presentation were given to the 270 attendees. Yes, there were 270 people in attendance on crash day.

Another first for crash day - a LIVE STREAMING VIDEO of each crash! It was over heard that the “hello” to family and colleagues provided proof the attendee was attending the crash day. To my knowledge, there has never been a live feed by any institution or conference of crashes as they occurred.

On Tuesday through Thursday, various current topics were given. Topics were both interesting and informative for all levels. Each evening, vendors provided product presentations, followed by Q & A sessions. There were tough product questions with immediate answers.

On the last day a DVD was presented to each attendee. The DVD contained over 2,500 digital still photos, 75 videos (many recorded in High Definition), CDR Reports, charts, graphs, PowerPoint presentations and reference materials.

A greatly improved conference with many of the previous conference recommendations implemented. “Out of the Box” crash scenarios with unbelievable data, photography and video capture set the tone. Attendees were from US, Canada, Japan, Africa, South America, England, Ireland, Cayman Islands, Korea and California. For the 270 people that attended the ARC-CSI Conference, we hit the jackpot!

ARC-CSI Conference is a must for Reconstructionists. Be sure to mark your calendar for June 2013. This is a “don’t miss” event!

Lenny Simpson
Collision Analysis & Reconstruction, LLC
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Lenny Simpson
Collision Analysis & Reconstruction,LLC

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