Unsupported Market Code

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Unsupported Market Code

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Recently, some co-workers imaged a 2016 Nissan Versa Note with a market code "3" using CDR software version 18.0.2. The software at the time only supported market code "1", even CDR software 19.2 only supports market code "1". The data obtained from the imaging is consistent with the collision. I contacted Bosch regarding this issue I have. Bosch stated, however they never heard of this, concluded it does not matter where the vehicles are built, only where they are sold.

"There is one or more Market Code designation specified for each vehicle brand and model listed in the Vehicle and Cable Lookup section in this help file
The CDR Tool is designed to retrieve data from the vehicles listed which are built for the markets indicated.
Attempts made to retrieve data from vehicles built for markets the CDR Tool does not support by entering a VIN from a market it is built for (VIN spoofing) may result in inaccurate CDR report data translations and possibly incorrect or erroneous retrieval of data from the ECU."

Is the information obtained valid?
What are my alternatives?

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Re: Unsupported Market Code

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I'm going through some old posts and see this was an "unanswered" topic.

What do you mean "a 2016 Nissan Versa Note with a market code 3?" Are you trying to say the vehicle was manufactured in Mexico? The 2016 Nissan Versa Note still (in version 19.6.1) is listed as a Market Code 1 vehicle.

Find out where the vehicle was first sold and you have your answer. Bosch is correct; it does NOT matter where the vehicle is built. What matters is what market was the vehicle intended for use in.

You can contact NICB or a dealer, provide them with the VIN, and find out if the vehicle was sold in the US or Canada and you have your answer.
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