EDR Data Event order Question?

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EDR Data Event order Question?

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I am working a wreck where a 2006 Dodge 1500 makes a left turn in front of a 2001 Nissan Maxima in a posted 35mph zone. Nissan front hits the Dodge in the passenger front wheel area. Dodge rotates counter and Nissan clockwise. Evidence shows a slap between both vehicles after original impact. Dodge then continues rotating counter and collides with a parked vehicle and comes to rest. Nissan not supported. Post impact spin analysis was used to obtain V3 and V4. 360 Momentum to determine V1 (Nissan) and V2 (Dodge). Results show Nissan at 80mph and Dodge at 15mph at impact. Just finished Data Analyst 40 hour course. Looking over data from Dodge. Shows 3 events. 1st has +7 long and +15 lat delta V. 2nd has +20 long and -16 lat Delta V. 3rd has -48 long and +3 lat Delta V. My question is the 3rd set of data seems to mirror the original impact, then the slap mirrors the 2nd and the Dodge colliding with the parked car mirrors the 1st event. My ? is why the data in the 3rd event mirrors the original impact and why is it not the 1st event, slap 2nd event and collision with parked car the 3rd event. Thanks ....

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Re: EDR Data Event order Question?

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Mr. Matic,

It is extremely difficult for anyone to provide assistance without seeing the CDR Report. With that said you refer to the events as "1st, 2nd, and 3rd." How are these events named in the CDR report, and depending on your answer to that question how did you establish the order of events in the CDR report?
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