"2015 Ford Mustang will tell authorities how you crashed and if you were belted"

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"2015 Ford Mustang will tell authorities how you crashed and if you were belted"

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http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/28/2015 ... ync-video/
When the 2015 Ford Mustang hits dealers, it will be with a new batch of features that will power up Sync's 911 Assist feature, and provide an even greater degree of information to first responders in the event of an accident.

911 Assist will already make a phone call, via a Bluetooth-connected phone, should you bin your car. The automatic message to first responders is a pre-recorded blurb from Ford. With the new enhancements, though, emergency personnel can learn about the maximum change in velocity and whether the crash involved a front, rear, side or a rollover impact. 911 Assist will also send information about how many seat belts were in use and if airbags deployed, allowing more accurate dispatch of resources.

"Sync will only broadcast relevant information to save time, and it constructs a very efficient message for the operator," said David Hatton, the global project leader with Ford Connected Services. "After the introductory message, the voice line opens automatically and occupants can speak directly with the operator via Sync's hands-free functionality."

Take a look below for the official press release from Ford, as well as a video of 911 Assist in action.

http://www.autoblog.com/2014/06/28/2015 ... ync-video/
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Re: "2015 Ford Mustang will tell authorities how you crashed and if you were belted"

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Do we know if Ford 911 Assist now has any reporting capability in the CDR report like OnStar Notification can be? I have a case where 2017 Ford MAY have utilized 911 Assist feature for call and family is trying to understand if she called or the vehicle did.

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