2009 Ford Fusion - No crash pulse data in non-deployment event

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2009 Ford Fusion - No crash pulse data in non-deployment event

Post by AlexanderHamilton » Thu Jun 20, 2019 6:11 pm

The company I work for recently imaged a 2009 Ford Focus via DLC, where the Ford rear-ended another vehicle.
There was no airbag deployment.
I have attached the sanitized cdrx file and a pdf:
2009 Ford Focus no crash pulse.PDF
(110.74 KiB) Downloaded 20 times
2009 Ford Focus no crash pulse.CDRx
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The vehicle only has front-end damage, as pictured:
2009 Ford Focus no crash pulse.jpg
An event was recovered with the "First Record Recording Status" set to "Completed & Unlocked".
There is no recorded crash pulse data.
Please note: The "VIN as programmed into RCM at factory" fully matches the vehicle's VIN in the non-sanitized report.

We're trying to determine why there is no crash-pulse data.
Any insight is greatly appreciated.

-Alexander Hamilton

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