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A Few Very Basic Questions

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A Few Very Basic Questions

Post by CuriousCitizen » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:05 am

For a couple of 2013 pickups - Ford F150 and Dodge RAM 1500 -

1. Where are the airbag/impact sensors located? Are there diagrams available online?
2. Assuming an EDR is triggered by a near-deployment event, if the vehicle were then driven twice, each trip about 200-300 feet, would the event data be lost?
3. At >60 mph, if one of these trucks just clipped a non-stationary object like a deer, displacing the headlight and denting the side, would it
- Definitely trigger an EDR recording?
- Definitely not trigger an EDR recording?
- Possibly trigger, possibly not trigger a recording?

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